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Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinic multi-disciplinary team that includes Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, a Dietitian & Remedial Massage Therapist
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Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinic started from humble beginnings with Anna, our Founder, subletting space within a personal training studio to offer Exercise Physiology services back in 2013. The business has now grown to 4 locations across Sydney with an incredibly talented multi-disciplinary team that includes Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, a Dietitian & Remedial Massage Therapist.

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It is our vision to inspire individuals to achieve their daily dose and plant SEEDS for their health. Planting SEEDS to us means:

Stay Social & manage stress
Exercise daily
Educated health advice & purpose in life
Diet & joy through healthy eating
Sleeping well

Our team of experienced health professionals are focused on helping people holistically to make sustainable and lasting lifestyle changes. 


We are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people with chronic and complex health conditions, injuries and/or disabilities. 

older man lifting free weights in the gym


Get your daily dose and book your appointment with one of our experienced health professionals

Meet our amazing team of practitioners dedicated to improving your health & wellbeing




We find the lines between fun and  keeping things professional. We help clients have compassion for themselves in finding balance for their health. It’s important that our team finds balance within their own lifestyles so they are able to show up as the best versions of themselves.


It is important for us to understand each client's story and where they are at so we can collaborate with them to improve their health and wellbeing. 


Our team pride themselves on always learning and as a part of this, we have adopted a growth mindset. It is a priority for our allied health professionals to keep up with the latest research and guidelines to help you.


We understand the value of a healthy, connected community and the role it plays in creating long term, positive health change for our clients. We foster a community of like-minded people who work together to achieve specific health goals. 


Our focus is to educate you and ensure you have the tools to make the right decisions for your health. We are huge advocates for healthy habits and being able to empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing. 


Just like the 90's boy band, our team celebrate all their different personalities, healthcare modalities and approaches to treating clients. The advantage of our multidisciplinary team is we are able to work together to find the best possible outcome for you.

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Anna-Louise Moule directing a exercise class with 3 older Australians

Careers & Mentoring

We're always on the lookout for like-minded people to join our passionate team of health professionals. 

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