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Lisa has always been a big science nerd. From watching wildlife documentaries with her father as a child, she developed a fascination for the fauna of this planet and went on to study a Bachelor of Animal Science, and consequently chasing animal/ conservation related experiences all over Asia.


With her feet planted back home, Lisa was gifted a plant which led her down the proverbial rabbit hole of flora and she opened a nursery and attached e-commerce store - Root'd Plants - shipping rare and unusual species (the weirder the better) all over Australia.  

Lisa's latest scientific interest has hit a little closer to home, studying human health, with the commencement of a Naturopathy degree in 2023 and seeking employment at BBLC. She loves being a team member of an amazing, evidence-based practice, a part of people's health journeys and looks forward to one day being a holistic practitioner.  

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Lisa loves to learn or maybe she is just a sucker for punishment ;).

This is what she has learnt so far -

Bachelor of Animal Science (Wildlife) at UWS

Business Innovation Program with the City of Sydney

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy - currently completing)

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