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Accredited Practising dietitian cuts lime in the kitchen to prepare a meal


Accredited Practising Dietitian

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Ana was born and raised in France. With both her sister and her mum having conditions which require nutrition therapy, Ana witnessed from very early on the impact of food on health and quality of life. This, paired with a love for science and for food, developed into a passion for dietetics.


People often think that dietitians are the ‘food police’ or exist just to prescribe diets. But dietetics encompasses more than just weight loss! While it is true that dietitians can help people who may want to achieve their body composition or weight management goals, they use the science of food and nutrition to individualise dietary management to suit a range of unique goals.

Interest Areas

Women's health, nutritional management during cancer treatment, disordered eating, healthy ageing,  type 2 & gestational diabetes.

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Ana undertakes regular professional development to keep herself accountable and  ensures she is practising with the most evidenced based recommendations. 

This is what she has learnt so far -

BHSc. with honours in Biology & Pharmacology - The University of Bath (UK)

BHSc. Nutrition & Dietetics - The University of Sydney (NSW)

Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics - The University of Sydney (NSW)

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