What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are university qualified professionals that specialise in the delivery of exercise and lifestyle modification programs for people with various health conditions, as well as for healthy populations.  AEPs are recognised Allied Health Professionals, and are differentiated from other health professions by their extensive knowledge, skills and experience in clinical exercise delivery and health-behaviour modification.

Why visit an AEP?

AEPs specialise in designing appropriate programs for those who need assistance with:

  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention (eg. back pain, joint injury, postural training).
  • Managing chronic health conditions (eg. diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer).
  • Weight loss and improving body composition measures.
  • Exercise programs for specialised populations (eg: pre and post natal exercise, women’s health or kids health)
  • Health behaviour modification and maintenance.
  • Core and strength programs for sports performance

AEP’s provide support for people with: