All individuals wishing to join a group class will need to book in for an Initial Assessment first. You can book your 1-1 or group class sessions online or by calling our friendly receptionists on 8969 6300.

Standing Strong:

Resistance training has been proven to be beneficial for a range of health conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer recovery, weight loss and the list goes on.

Participants in this class each have an individualised program that they undertake in a supervised group class. Your program is progressed regularly with regular reassessments. 

Core Class:

Based on a functional training approach and Pilates principles this class is designed to improve your core stability, strength and posture to allow you to move with greater efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. 

Who is it suitable for?

  • Those interested in improving their core strength and stability

  • Managing back pain and chronic injuries

  • Prevention of injuries

  • All ages and fitness levels

  • Those wanting incorporate core strengthening for sports performance

All individuals wishing to join the class will need to undertake an initial assessment: involves previous injury history, postural assessment, goal setting and introduction to core strengthening principles.


RunStrong is a program designed for runners and triathletes from amateur level to professional. This program focuses on mobility, core stability, sport specific strength and fitness training in a motivating group environment.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Runners and triathletes at all levels

  • Anyone wanting to improve their strength and performance

  • Individuals recovering from injuries and looking to rehabilitate without aggravating their injury again

  • Individuals who have suffered with chronic niggles or injuries who are looking to correct muscle imbalances and movement patterns

Our RunStrong Rehab (1-1) or individual RunStrong programs are also available. These programs are geared to people who either need a bit more attention and to build up some foundation strength or prefer the 1-1 approach over the group class.

RUNSTRUNG group classes on at St leonards Park on Thursday 6.30pm.

If you are interested in getting a RunStrong Class started in your area or for your Running group please contact us on 0419 287 631 or

Strong Mums:


Our Outdoor Mums and Bubs group exercise class. Suitable for anyone during pregnancy and 6 weeks post birth and beyond. A combination or low impact, pelvic floor safe core and strength exercises helping to build stronger mums. Our Outdoor Mums and Bubs class is run from Brightmore Reserve in Neutral Bay.

Contact us today to book in your Initial Consult to get started. Call us on 0419 287 631 or


If you have a group of 4 or more and would like to put your own group class together we would be happy to help. Classes can include resistance training, aerobic conditioning, Pilates, Boxing, circuit training or a mix of all. Put your class together with the people you want in it and the areas of fitness you want to focus on.

Contact us on 8969 6300 or to book.