Client of the Month

Client of the Month: Jim Matthews

Jim has been working with Anna for 2 years now as part of our Active Ageing Program. Anna visits Jim once a week at his home to work through a strength and balance program to keep him mobile around the home. Jim continues to be a delight to work with, always puts effort into his exercise program and amazes Anna with the new things she continues to learn from him.

Jim's Comments:

"I have been under the watchful eye of Anna-Louise for about two years. As an eighty-four year old I have a disability which has weakened my muscles and deprived me of the ability to walk any distance. I have progressed with a walker and now use a wheelchair but I am still on my feet to move around the house and preform my toiletries and showering and this is due to the tolerance afforded by Anna- Louise and the quiet manner she has in conducting her sessions and instilling the need to keep trying and keep working. Her "catchcry" is 'Just one or two more!

My goal is to increase my walking distance to enable me to walk to the bedroom ( with a walker) each evening and walk back in the morning and then improve my distances. This will take 'DETERMINATION' and this is an attribute Anna-Louise has fostered without bullying or badgering. She has convinced me of the need to exercise each day to maintain the strength in my legs. I thoroughly recommend the philosophy of this " BALANCED' exercise program. 

From Jim Mathews .A worn out octogenarian OBE (over bloody eighty)"