Tailored Exercise for Cancer Patients at the SAN

Heather Martin Exercise Physiologist

We are very excited to announce we have expanded and have now opened up a brand new clinic location at the Sydney Adventist Hospital in Wahroongah!

Exercise Physiologist, Heather, will be leading our new clinic inside the new SAN Integrated Cancer Centre, where the lovely Aimee from Body Fusion is also located. Heather will be based here every Wednesday, offering 1 on 1 consults to develop individualised treatment plans with clients. From this location we have the potential to reach people from all walks of life and assist them on their journey, whatever it may be. Given our proximity to renowned Oncologists in the ROC and Northern Haematology Oncology Group we have the scope to make a significant difference to the lives of cancer patients during and after treatment.

The COSA statement highlights the importance of undertaking an individualised exercise program with a qualified allied health professional like us Exercise Physiologists for anyone undergoing or after cancer treatment. Exercise has been proven to be beneficial to maintain strength, muscle mass and bone density, increase chemotherapy completion rate, reduce symptoms of treatment like fatigue, pain and nausea and improve mental health when undertaken during cancer treatment. The benefits post treatment are extensive too! People can see a regain in physical function, fitness and strength, improved body composition, mental health and confidence to return to activity, reduce the chances of secondary health problems and cancer reoccurrence!

Our fantastic services at the SAN are not just limited to cancer patients, we have the expertise to assist anyone living with a chronic disease incorporate the benefits of exercise into their life, whether that be as part of their treatment, recovery or general lifestyle. Contact us today on 8969 6300 or info@bblifestyleclinic.com.au to discuss how you might start to reap the rewards of this universal treatment; exercise.