3 ways to keep your diet on track this Easter

Easter chocolate

For a safe, relaxing and healthy holiday, preparation is the key. Here are some essentials to consider before Easter is upon us:


Choose your favourite type of chocolate and allow yourself to truly enjoy it, too often we see clients restricting what they can and can't eat and in the end, overeat, a never-ending vicious cycle. This Easter, provide yourself with permission to enjoy the chocolate or treat you love most and learn to stop when you're truly satisfied.

Easter feast with friends


Have fresh fruit and vegetables sliced and prepared in an appealing bowl or spread-board that is attractive, pairing with delicious dips and spreads or make strawberry dipped chocolate so that when you're feeling peckish, you fill up on the right fuel first, before digging into a 1kg bunny.

Easter hot cross buns


Have a go at modifying your favourite Easter dessert or treat, making it higher in fibre, lower in added sugar and all round healthier and more satisfying. Check out this recipe for a twist on a healthier hot cross bun muffins

These Easter tips were brought to you by the Body Fusion Dietitians.

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