6 Reasons Why I Started Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinic

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To celebrate our 6th Birthday this year and being able to help all of your achieve your daily dose of movement we hear from founder, Anna-Louise Moule about the 6 reasons why she started Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinic.


I always had something inbuilt in me to want to help people and movement has been my tool to be able to do this.
There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the joy, achievement, relief and impact that even small changes in someone’s health and fitness can have within their lifestyle. Something as simple as incorporating a few leg exercises into someone's week can have a significant flow on effect onto them being able to get up and down from the floor to be able to play with their grandkids or the right pelvic floor exercises have helped a new mum safely return to running which is her outlet to improve her mental health.


Exercise Physiologists Anna Moule & Ashlee Fletcher

To be able to create a clear and sustainable career path for Exercise Physiologists in private practice. When I was a fresh faced new grad eager and ready to help people there wasn't a clear career path or mentoring available in the roles I went into, which I know for many in our industry has meant leaving an industry that has the potential for such a big impact on the health of our community. At the time of leaving uni there was a big disconnect between the picture of the workforce that was painted and what was actually available. It is part of my mission for BBLC that we provide mentoring and support for students right through to our Senior Exercise Physiologist team members to be able to grow and put their mark on our industry and healthcare in Australia. We now provide student placements and each team member receives mentoring so they can reach their full potential in a stable work environment.

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Anyone that knows me well will know I am a big believer in the power of having the right people around you and working together as a team. In the healthspace there are so many health professionals that compliment each other to give you a holistic approach. Just like an athlete builds their team of coaches, health professionals and support around them, to achieve what they do, every individual can do the same in regards to their health. I pride myself in being a connector by listening to clients and working with them to find who might be the right person to help them achieve their goals if exercise alone is not enough. I also know that on a bigger scale for where I want to take BBLC and the impact we can have on Australian healthcare I can't do it alone. Each person that joins our team is carefully picked to ensure they are in line with our values, have their own speciality to contribute and works with the team to help as many people as possible.

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I can't sit still. I have never been one to sit still. From 6 months old I was a water baby. All throughout my childhood my parents encouraged and supported my brothers and I to get involved in sports or we would go bushwalking in the blue mountains. I have always loved being active for how it makes me feel and what I can achieve with it. The thought of being desk bound doesn't appeal to me and I am very grateful I get to keep moving as part of my job.


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I am a science nerd at heart. I have an unrelenting desire to learn and stay curious and have always been fascinated by the human body. Humans are the ultimate adaptation machines and even small changes can have a ripple effect in your health and lifestyle. The more we learn about the role of exercise and how a certain prescription can impact a health outcome sometimes to the same level as medication is really powerful as it means you have control over your health by increasing your knowledge and finding the tools to help you succeed.


Community is key. I am a big believer in finding your tribe and the power of a supportive community. Whether that be the other people in your group exercise class that encourage you and keep you accountable to the main people you spend your days with. A supportive, health conscious community has a big impact on the individual making long term sustainable health change.

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