Breaking the cycle of inactivity

Cycle of inactivity.jpg

For many people being physically active is not something that comes easily or naturally, the thought of getting started can be very daunting and difficult to know how or what to do. This thought process can make it very hard to start a new exercise program.

This can have a significant effect on people with a chronic physical or mental condition and can feed into the cycle of inactivity that can continue to spiral until making a change seems almost impossible.


By starting with small achievable actions at your current level, you can begin to break the cycle. This could look vastly different for everyone. For one person it might be starting to take the stairs instead of the elevator, for another it might simply be starting to hang the washing out without having a rest.

If you want to explore how you can break the cycle of inactivity and regain some control over your health, speak to one of the experienced Exercise Physiologists at Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinics today.