Benefits of Exercise & Cancer


Exercise is often the last thing on a person’s mind when they are diagnosed with cancer or going through treatment. But research has shown us that exercising throughout cancer treatment, as well as continuing long after the cancer has left the body has many significant benefits.

Exercise has been proven to be safe both during and after treatment and it has been shown to help people overcome a lot of side affects that come with cancer treatments. Some of the typical side effects that people experience include:

  • Fatigue

  • Reduced immune function

  • Feeling foggy – ‘chemo brain’

  • Mood changes

  • Reduced levels of fitness and strength – this can make seemingly normal daily activities feel a lot more challenging

With the right prescription of exercises, individuals undergoing treatment have found that they have more energy and they feel stronger and fitter. Our clients who are following an exercise program at BBLC have expressed how amazing it feels when tasks that were previously quite hard and overwhelming have suddenly become much more manageable. Exercise has also been shown to improve mood and quality of life, as well as naturally boosting our immune function which can help with fending off infections throughout treatment.

New and upcoming research is even suggesting that exercise can have a positive impact tumour biology and growth! Exercise really is medicine and can help you during all stages from diagnosis, to treatment and survivorship.


Research shows that maintaining regular exercise and a healthy diet after treatment can help reduce the risk of recurrence. It can also reduce the number of long-term side effects of treatment, reduce your risk of secondary health conditions, as well as help you return to everyday life.

Every person, cancer type, treatment plan, effect of treatment and recovery time is different. So, in order to have the most effective exercise plan for you, it is important to get the right advice from an Exercise Physiologist who specializes in working with oncology patients.

Anna works out of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre Wellness Centre a couple of days a week and our other Exercise Physiologists all have experience working with clients undergoing cancer treatment. Give us a call today to discuss an exercise plan that will work for you!