How I learnt to “never say never”

This week’s blog contributor is Exercise Physiologist Heather Martin, who has some extreme hobbies that may just surprise you.

“On the outside I look like a healthy, fit young person who would have few aches or pains. However, growing up this was not the case, I am very hypermobile and grew up learning to dislike my bendy body and it’s ongoing pain.

This year I learnt to celebrate this component of my individuality and on my journey have become essentially pain free. To mark my progress this year I decided to push myself physically and mentally and do something I always thought I would never be able to do “never say never”. I performed.

I pushed my body in ways I always thought would cause pain and learnt that movement isn’t as scary as it once seemed. I am incredibly proud of myself and the journey I have undertaken to get here, I have learnt a lot about myself and my body and know that this process of discovery and challenging myself will always be a part of my life. To witness how I overcame my challenges, please scroll down and watch the video below.

Going into 2019, my personal goals and efforts are focused on becoming an RSPCA community dog walking volunteer and getting back into running. I would love to comfortably be able to jog for 30minutes again and have a furry companion alongside me. My key to setting goals is finding something I am passionate about, this keeps me motivated and enjoying the journey.

Bring on 2019!”