When is it a good time to see a physio after you have had a baby?

Our Senior Physiotherapist Julie from our Cremorne Clinic takes us through a few simple questions you can ask when recovering after having a baby. And when it is the right time to see a physio.

1. Do You Have a Weak Pelvic Floor?

  • Accidental leaking of urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing or during exercise
  •  Frequent bathroom visits or leaking before reaching the bathroom
  • “Dragging” or “Heavy” sensation in the vagina
  • Not able to control passing wind
  • Lack of sexual sensation

Any of the above symptoms may indicate that your pelvic floor is still weak.  A real time ultrasound imaging and an internal check of your pelvic floor with our physiotherapist can determine if you require a pelvic floor exercise program.

2. Do you have an Abdominal Separation?

Rectus Diastasis Abdominis (DRA) is a separation of the left and right abdominal muscles (rectus abdominus) with widening of the midline connective tissue( Linea Alba), which is common during the third trimester.  Recent research believes that the separation remains abnormal for 40% of the mums at 6 months after delivery. 

If the separation does not completely recover, the abdomen may protrude or bulge further when exercising.  Such physical discomfort can prevent women from returning to exercise.

A detailed assessment with the real time ultrasound imaging can determine whether your abdominal separation can be treated or require surgery.

3. Am I ready to begin exercise again?

A postpartum assessment is critical to make sure the recovery of your pelvic floor and abdominal wall is on the right track.  It also detects any underlying postural alignment and biomechanics changes following your childbirth.  We use 3 simple functional tests to check if your core is ready for a return to exercise.

1.     Can you do a single leg squat?

2.     Can you do a heel raise on one leg?      

3.     Can you hop on one leg?

Julie is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to see any new mums with help recovering post birth.