Putting your oxygen mask on first

As parents it can be our tendency to have our health as the last priority. One of our Strong Mums this week gave us the great analogy of putting the airplane oxygen mask on first before helping children and the people around you. We are no good to those that depend on us if we cant keep our heads above water ourselves. We take a look at Perinatal Depression and how reaching out for the guidance of a counsellor can help.

What is Perinatal Depression? (Source: The Gigdet Foundation. www.gigdetfoundation.org.au)

Pregnancy and the first year of parenthood (the perinatal period) can be a uniquely special time. It is also a time of great adjustment and the impact is often underestimated in our society. All expectant and new parents will have their good days and bad days, their ups and downs. But when bad days start to seriously outnumber the good they may be at risk of perinatal anxiety and depression.

Perinatal depression and anxiety affects 1 in 5 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers. Men are not immune from perinatal depression and anxiety. Commonly, but certainly not always, this develops as reactive depression to a partner’s illness – it’s understandably difficult to be around a person who is ‘down’ all the time. In fact, if the mother is depressed the whole family is affected: partner, baby and other children. That’s why it’s essential to get help straight away.

This term perinatal covers both antenatal depression and anxiety (occurring during pregnancy) and postnatal depression and anxiety. 

Check out this great fact sheet on how to seek out help from the Gidget Foundation.

Introducing Meeghan's Counselling Services:

We have been privileged to have Meeghan join our team in the past few months. Meeghan is an experienced counsellor and massage therapist who works with couples and families, new mum’s as well as individuals experiencing mood and anxiety disorders. Meeghan is available by appointment for 1:1 Counselling at our Cremorne Clinic.

Meeghan is registered with Medibank Private and Doctors Health. Her website (www.holushealth.com) explains the approaches that she uses to assist new mums and individuals experiencing concerns that are causing stress, anxiety and depression, thereby stopping the individual engaging in a positive and healthy life.