Client of the Month: Claire Latham LeGresley

Claire has been attending our Core and RunStrong classes since 2014 after returning from a running injury. Since this time she has come strength to strength with improvements in her core stability and running performance. After a minor set back with knee surgery at the beginning of this year it was a slow and steady recovery for her to return to running and tackle her next challenge. Consistency is key and Claire definitely shows that with each class she attends.

Claire's Comments:

"After entering the Outback Running Festival and having knee surgery 6 months ago for a torn cartlidge, Anna's RunStrong and Core classes have helped me regain the strength I needed to be able to return to running.
Anna tailored the exercises within the classes to cater to my ability and as a result with her encouragement and support I am stronger and fitter and achieved my goal of running the Outback Half Marathon. stop Blackmores Half Marathon.
Thank you Anna!!"