Client of the Month: Deanne O'Regan

Dee has been working with Anna since June last year and has made some amazing improvements in her health and fitness. Dee was initially referred by her Breast Care Nurse post surgery and chemo treatment for Breast Cancer. She was struggling a lot with fatigue, reduced movement and strength through her arm and shoulder and had noticed a lot of muscle wastage since starting chemo. Coming to see Anna was part of her recovery process and she has smashed some amazing goals, improved her strength and now see's Anna once a week for a high intensity personal training session, attends our RunStrong class with Izzy once a week, plays Tennis and fits Pilates in.

Deanne's Comments:

"After a hard 6 months of surgery, chemo and radio therapies, my oncologist recommended I see an Exercise Physiologist to counter the side effects of the treatments and put me back on the path to good health and fitness.  When I asked for recommendations, my breast care nurse knew the person I needed was Anna.
 When I first started with Anna, I couldn’t even lift a weight.  Anna designed a program tailored to my capability and goals, and then gradually stepped it up each week.  With her cleverly designed program, her in depth understanding of cancer treatments, and her gentle yet firm encouragement, I am now lunging and doing step ups with 10kg without a second thought, and even suffering through burpies (no matter how hard Anna tries to disguise them!)  And best of all, I am feeling stronger, fitter and full of energy."