Client of the Month June: Rhonda Valentine

Rhonda has been working with Anna since April. She had been on a huge weightloss and health journey prior to meeting Anna which included coming off blood pressure medication and diabetes medication all through diet changes. When starting Rhonda was walking 6 days a week but had found she had a plateau in her training. We have mixed things up, added in strength and core training and Rhonda is noticing more and more changes with her strength, fitness and health. She is always excited and happy coming into our sessions and this mood flows on into her home exercise program. She has made some huge life long adjustments to her health and we can't wait to see her continue to progress.

Rhonda's Comments:

"I thoroughly enjoy my weekly sessions with Anna. She has helped me improve my core strength. Improve? To be honest, I didn't have any to begin with. I'm doing things I never ever thought possible, like planking and holding an 8 kg kettlebell whilst doing squats- unbelievable!
Anna is very professional. She is all for creating an individual program that will work for you outside of her practice, whether that be doing pushups on your kitchen bench or standing rows using a resistance band wrapped around a tree. There is no excuse not to exercise.
Anna has taught me to listen to my body, focus on my technique every step of the way and moreover achieve levels of fitness I never thought possible. I am noticing changes not only in my body, but I sleep better, have more energy and am motivated to exercise. My strength, core stability and confidence have all frown and will continue to do so. 
Anna you are one patient lady! Thank you for making me feel fit and fabulous for my 50th Birthday"