Client of the Month: Caroline

Caroline has been training with Anna since June 2015 after being referred by her doctor. She has achieved a decrease in waist circumference, improved core strength and decreased back pain, improved strength and fitness allowing her to power it up Awaba street in Mosman without stopping.
Keep up the great work!

Comments from Caroline: "It's been such a worthwhile experience finally doing something, after all these years, to improve my strength & fitness. I've never liked going to the gym or exercising but it makes such a difference having someone like Anna to motivate you. Anna is fantastic at it and doesn't let you give up. She really looks at the individual's needs and structures the workouts accordingly. I have seen a huge improvement in my strength & fitness and I'm in much better shape than I was probably 10 or 15 years ago".

Session Type: Caroline trains with Anna once a week incorporating a combination of intervals of the bike or rowing machine, core strengthening exercises and whole body strength training. Often we will combine upper and lower body strength exercises in one and keep moving through our circuits with little or no rest periods to ensure the workout is metabolic and keeps Caroline's heart rate up.