RunStrong: It's not enough just to run

Up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain overuse injuries during any 12 month period (Sports Medicine Australia). And for any runner niggling injuries or having to stop running altogether feels like the world will end and you can't do anything else. Ok maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but it is a very frustrating feeling and often you feel like anything you do isn't making it better and out of frustration you continue to run even though common sense and pain is telling you not to.

The Good News is you don't need to run in pain and make things worse. Often a proper functional assessment and targeted strength and core program can help you recover from overuse injuries making you a stronger and happier runner. 

Our RunStrong program was developed for exactly this reason. Anna was running with a lot of beginner and seasoned runners and kept seeing the same running injuries popping up like lower back pain, shin splits, runners knee and upper back/shoulder problems to name a few. What started as a session to keep a few fellow runners fitter, stronger and injury free has now been developed into RunStrong which offers a group class and 1-1 programs for runners and triathletes. The program focuses on building core and glute strength, lower leg strength and endurance, good running technique, aerobic fitness by incorporating intervals and most of all a fun environment. 

It is not enough just to run, all runners and athletes at any level should be thinking about including some core and strength training into your weekly program. 

What are the benefits:

  • Prevent injury by determining muscle imbalances, improving strength, mobility and running form
  • Get Faster! Do you have a PB racetime you want to reach? The right strength program can get you there.
  • Improved running efficiency and endurance. Make sure you are the one crossing the finish line standing tall and not slumped forward because your core strength couldn't last the distance
  • Reduce your fatigue. Strength training helps your body better deal with the stresses of running
  • Running will feel easier which means you will enjoy it more, stick to regular exercise and reap the rewards regular activity has on your body.

Stay tuned to the blog in the future to hear more tips from our RunStrong Program.