Client of the Month: Troy Cairns

Troy has been attending sessions with his wife Camilla and more recently group classes since January 2016. He is committed to his home program and enjoys swimming and cycling each week. This commitment has paid off with some great improvements in strength, mobility and reduction in back pain. Troy is pictured in the centre after a cycling endeavour in the Italian Alps earlier this year

Troy's Comments:
"My New Year's resolution as I faced turning 50 was to improve how I moved and felt doing the everyday things. And wanted to get strong enough to go surfing with my son. I had a sneaking suspicion this might require some action from my core - an area that has lain dormant for many years.  I roped my wife in and we have been doing sessions with Anna since.
I've had a chronic back problem for almost 30yrs and my wife has ongoing neck issues. Anna took both these things into account in devising a program for us.  We now happily grunt and sweat out way through her sessions because we have seen the improvement. I now move with more confidence and once again can tackle simple things like bending over, without trepidation.  It's not really been about fitness for me - as I am pretty active swimming and cycling regularly. The benefit has been that I now use my whole body rather than just some favoured parts when I move. I am now looking forward to catching a few more waves this summer - and to tackle the more challenging exercises that I suspect Anna has in store for us"