I have been attending regularly Anna Louise's core class since beginning of Nov 2013. She provides good verbal cues for each exercise and gives individual corrections for alignment. She demonstrates the ability to teach a multi- level class, providing modifications to most exercises to suit each participant's ability. I feel I get challenged each class and walk away after class feeling I have had a good workout. Over a space of a few months, I find myself getting stronger and more toned. I look forward to each class as I never know what challenge is installed for the day! 

Veronique, Core Class participant


I was keen to make some changes in my life. I wanted to improve my general health, gain core strength and reduce body fat. I initially joined Anna-Louise's core strengthening exercise class. I soon noticed changes in my health and well being. Soon after, I began twice weekly personal training sessions. The training sessions are always varied and tailored to my specific needs. I am now stronger, more toned and healthier.

Janet, Core Class participant and personal training


I have been going to Anna's classes (RunStrong and Core Class) for 4 years now and have never been fitter. Not only am i a stronger and faster runner, my once frequent back pain is no longer a problem.

Emma, RunStrong Class Participant


I have trained with Anna-Louise through 2 half marathons and a full marathon. I can honestly say that her Run Strong classes are the perfect mix of core and strength work to support my running training. Anna-Louise is an excellent trainer with a professional and caring attitude. As an exercise physiologist, her programs are extremely well planned and targeted towards my exercise goals (or rehab, depending on my running injuries). There is a science behind her training, which I value greatly. I have and would continue to recommend Anna-Louise to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness.

Teena, RunStrong Class Participant


RunStrong has definitely improved my core strength and flexibility – my running and general fitness has improved out of sight and I always use the class to challenge myself. Anna-Louise focuses on developing good technique and despite my protests, will always throw in the right amount of high intensity training

Steph, RunStrong Class Participant


I was referred to Anna by my local GP after I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  I was anaemic and had lost quite a bit of my body muscle, weighing about 47kgs.  Prior to being diagnosed with this illness, I enjoyed cycling and long distance walking in particular; I suddenly found I couldn’t keep up with my friends and I seemed to have a consistent cough and slept a lot.  I just thought I was aging faster than they were!!

I have been doing 1 hour sessions with Anna twice a week and I have complimented these workouts with group posture classes twice a week.   Anna has watched me go through the chemo treatment cycles, encountered my mood swings whilst on steroids and has responded with each session to enable me to cope.  Over the past 4 months since I seem to have regained a normal blood cell reading Anna has raised the bar and concentrated on improving my core strength and my sense of balance.

Although today I describe my health status as being “between treatments”, I was able to continue with my work, albeit part time, with the support of my colleagues and a feeling of wellbeing as I improved my strength.  I am feeling strong, maintaining a healthy weight, sleeping well and am back on my bike.

For many years I have looked for coaching when I wanted to improve my skill, overcome a fear or change my outlook.  Anna has my respect and has helped me to regain my confidence.

Christine, Cancer Recovery Program, Exercise Physiology Client

I initially joined Run Strong to help overcome a  reoccuring  running injury. It is a great class for anyone wanting to improve their speed, prevent injury and train hard in a friendly, supportive environment. Anna-Louise provides options for all fitness levels and keeps the classes challenging and fun. Most importantly, the program has helped me strengthen the muscles needed to keep me injury free.

Beth, RunStrong Class Participant

Anna is a dedicated, knowledgeable, professional who really does care about her clients. I have an ongoing back problem but with Anna's help this is under control. I have absolute confidence in her ability that eventually it become a non-issue. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough. Thank you.

Simon, back pain and RunStrong Class Participant

One of the things I like the most is that any person at any level can get as much or as little out of this class, you can hold longer in a pose, squat lower or sprint faster knowing that you will be making sure we have the correct posture all the way.

Wynton, shoulder injury and RunStrong Class Participant

Every woman recovering from treatment for breast cancer needs an exercise physiologist. And Anna is the best exercise physiologist I could have wished for. Anna has a deep personal interest in the recovery process, clearly motivating her to educate herself about the distinct challenges faced by women during and after treatment – treatment that takes a physical and emotional toll. Anna has the knowledge to tailor a personal program that is truly suitable for you and your specific problems – which is wonderful, after trying to get the problem fixed by an ‘ordinary’ physio who just did not understand that it is not a simple ‘ injury’. Anna also has terrific compassion and kindness in her approach: she is working with me to help me recover and improve my strength and energy levels. And I’m pleased to say my tennis serve is nearly back to full power! Only a few months ago I couldn’t lift my arm! What a difference.

 Kath, Breast Cancer Survivor, Exercise Physiology Client